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What's new on December 27, 2016?

As projected previosly, a conversion of Union of Colonies (think "Soviets in Spaaaace!") force from the abortive Total Extinction game that Sentinel Games from Spain attempted to KickStart some time ago is now available. Also made some fixes, changes and additions to the Glorlons list from the same game.

Conversions from other games

My forces for this category are build following a set of (often vague) conversion guidelines from another game system into D:VG. Can't vouch for how other people "do their thing". Still, conversions of a sort these are, young padawan.

- Ar-Men

- Ariadna
- PanOceania
- Yu Jing

Kryomek authorized conversions by Sam Hart
- Kryomek

Legions of Steel conversions by Sam Hart
- Infranites

Total Extinction (WARNING: the company is totally extinct, don't try ordering anything from them!)
- Glorlons
- Union of Colonies

- Brotherhood (.zip file, 3 PDFs)
- Mishima

Forces build around miniature lines

Armies not per se converted from another ruleset, but "inspired by" a certain line of miniatures.

Hyrdrissians by Omni Miniatures, formerly by Mega-Minis, formely by Alpha Forge:
- Hydrissians

Games Workshop
- The Black Watch by Sam Hart (based on Warhammer 40.000 Space Marines)

Parroom Station Victorian scifi minis inspired lists by Ironchicken
- The Imperial Martian Armed Forces (external link to a .doc file).
- Von Schmitt's Austrian Mars Expeditionary Force (external link to a .doc file)

Pig Iron Productions
- P.I.G.*

Rackham (defunct)
- People's Liberation Army (inspired by AT-43 Red Blok)
- Planetary Defence Forces (inspired by AT-43 White Stars, with some Karman figures thrown in)
- Voiders (inspired by AT-43 Cogs)
- Xenoc Aggressor Construct Horde (inspired by AT-43 Therians)

- Myrmedons*

Project Industrial Fantasy

And now for something completely different... Ok, would you settle for a little different?

Anyway, a fantasy project inspired by the great "industrial fantasy" authors like China Mieville, as well as the comic Girl Genius and that "steampunk fantasy game" by Privateer Press.
- Army of the Sun (subject to some expansion -- and explanation -- in the near future)

Quick FAQ -- or, what is Defiance: Vital Ground?

Some answers can be found here:
- The official Defiance: Vital Ground page at Majestic 12 Games
- My review of the game at

*) these are essentially the original versions of lists available in a different format on MJ12 Games D:VG page

If you want to have your army list or other fan material for D:VG up on this page, send me an e-mail